Hire Terms and Conditions


Registered Charity Number :  1180685

Hire Agreement


The premises are managed by Bishopsteignton Community Centre Management Committee, a registered charity, number 1180685. The premises are non-profit making, providing a service to the community, and rely on the co-operation of all users. The hiring charge covers the running expenses and the general maintenance and improvements of the building.

The management committee want you to enjoy the facilities and to continue making good use of the premises. Please give us any feedback on contact@bishopsteigntoncommunitycentre.co.uk

(i)   Hire of the premises is available to those aged 18 years and over.

(ii)  Hirers are required to familiarise themselves with the facilities, exit routes and fire extinguisher locations diagrams, fire notice displayed on Centre noticeboard.

(iii)  Hiring of a room/rooms can be booked either online at https://v2.hallmaster.co.uk/Scheduler/View/12283?startRoom=0 with Alison Prestt (Booking Officer) 7 Fore Street, Bishopsteignton or on Mobile 07778911765  Email contact@bishopsteigntoncommunitycentre.co.uk

(iv)  The hirer will be responsible for : –

  • Maintaining good order and conduct on the premises.
  • Ensuring the number of persons on the premises does not exceed the number stipulated on the booking form, in accordance with fire regulations.
  • Ending all functions requiring sale or supply of alcohol by 11pm, unless extension agreed with Booking Officer.
  • For bookings where alcohol is sold or supplier a named person controlling the sale/supply of alcohol must be named. If the hirer breaches the Terms of the Agreement insofar as they are contained in the Licencing Acts and associated legislation that they may be liable to prosecution may suffer a fine or imprisonment or both
  • Ensuring that access to and from FIRE EXITS is kept clear of obstruction at all times.
  • Ensuring that checks are made during the time of the hire period to ensure that general housekeeping standards are being maintained to reduce the risk of slip, trip or other incidents occurring.
  • Obtaining the consent of the Booking Officer before decorating the rooms. The use of Bluetac, sellotape or drawing pins is not permitted. 
  • Leaving the premises in the same state as they were found on entry.
  • Sweeping and mopping the floors.
  • All rubbish and recycling to be removed by hirer.
  • Kitchen to be left in a state of cleanliness . Please see kitchen instructions in Opening and Care Instructions displayed on BCC noticeboard.
  • Tables and chairs to be stacked away after use.
  • Checking that, if any portable electrical equipment is brought onto the premises, it is safe for use/has been P.A.T tested.  No Bouncy Castles are permitted on premises inside or outside.
  • Smoking/vaping is not allowed anywhere on premises.
  • Switching off all internal lights before leaving.
  • Closing all doors before leaving.
  • The removal of any furniture from the premises is not permitted.
  • Under no circumstances will the use, sale or possession of illegal substances be allowed.
  •  Complying with additional information in Opening & Care Instructions displayed on Centre Noticeboard

Regular hirers are also responsible for –

  • At the end of each session, the room, kitchen and toilets are left clean and tidy.
  • Communicating the location of fire exits, extinguishers and toilets to their groups at the commencement of a session.
  • Obtaining the consent of the Booking Officer for storage of materials or equipment.
  • Ensuring materials and equipment are not left on the premises unless permission granted.
  • Ensuring equipment required for the session is not blocking fire exits and must allow easy access by other hirers.
  • Ensure no inflammable materials are stored on the premises in accordance with fire regulations.
  • Periodically inspecting and removing unwanted materials or when requested.
  • Materials and equipment stored at the owner’s risk
  • Removing their materials and equipment when terminating the Storage Agreement.

(v)   Health & Safety and Fire safety- The hirer should appoint their own ‘Responsible Person’ to ensure their activities are conducted in a safe way, liaising with the Booking Officer, if necessary.  Reference should be made to the floor plan highlighting the location of Fire Exits, fire extinguishers and First Aid boxes, displayed on the BCC noticeboard, along with Opening and Care Instructions, which contain ‘In the event of a Fire instructions’.  A First Aid box is located in the Galley Kitchen and in the main Kitchen on shelf beside light switches along with the Accident Report Book.

(vi)   Insurance  

  •  The Community centre insurance covers loss covered by fire, theft or storm damage.   We also have Hirers Liability cover up to £2m which will cover private hirers providing this hirers agreement has been signed.  It is recommended that any professional/ business groups / people that use our facilities also have their own Public Liability cover in place.

(vii)   Bishopsteignton Community Centre has a music, entertainment and alcohol licence. It is forbidden to buy or sell intoxicating liquors at the Community Centre except within the conditions as stated in the Premises Alcohol Licence.  If alcohol is to be sold this must be identified either through the online booking form or by notifiy the booking clerk via email. It is expressly forbidden by Law for anyone under the age of eighteen (18) years to buy or sell alcohol.

(viii)  The Hirer of these premises is personally responsible for strictly adhering to condition (iv) to (vii) above.

(ix)  The Hirer will be responsible for reimbursing Bishopsteignton Community Centre for any damage to the buildings and its contents during the period of hire, no matter how or by whom committed. A deposit of £25 will be required at the time of booking  for private events, refunded within 7 days provided that, on inspection after the event, the Centre is found to be left in the condition it was at the start of the hire.

(x) Hire fees are payable to Bishopsteignton Community Centre.  For regular Hirers, a BACS transfer is preferred, details included on invoice.

(xi) Cancellation charge.  No cancellation charge will be payable if the booking is cancelled 48 hours or more prior to the event, within 48 hours of the event the full hire charge will be payable at the trustees’ discretion.

(xii)  Covid-19 Special Conditions.  The Community Centre Management committee have the right to close the Centre if there are safety concerns relating to Covid-19 for example, if someone who has attended the Centre develops symptoms and thorough cleansing is required, or in the event that public buildings are required to close again. If this is necessary, we will endeavour to inform you promptly and you will receive a full refund of any hire charge paid.

Data Protection.  Occasional Hirer’s contact details will be kept for a maximum period of 24 months for accounting / auditing purposes after the hire event. For Regular Users, the Hirer’s details will be kept whilst hire period ongoing and for a maximum of 24 months after termination. These details will only be used for Community Centre hire and accounting purposes,  and will not be used for any other purpose or shared with any third party.

We thank you for your co-operation and hope you enjoy the use of these facilities.  If you have any comments or suggestions, please email us at contact@bishopsteigntoncommunitycentre.co.uk

As the Hirer I have read and understood all the Terms and Conditions of Hire Contract and agree to comply with them.